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Recently a few newspapers in the UK started talking about the new Japanese fetish called “oculolinctus”. It is also called ‘worming’ informally.

Basically, it consists of licking other people’s eyeballs for sexual purpose. As the eye is full of nerve endings, it is supposed to turn people on and bring them pleasure. Inasmuch as the eye is indeed full of nerve endings, we really discourage anyone from trying this, as the receiver of this ‘practice’ can really get his/her eye damaged!

The eye is a very sensitive organ, and it is easy to imbalance its natural state and chemistry. For example, wearing heavy cheap eye make-up all the time, not drinking enough or staring too much at a computer or TV screen are all things that should be avoided when trying to take care of your eyes.

This is why apparently Japanese teenagers and young adults practising this new “sexual activity” have to wear eye patches afterwards.

Be aware that the eye gets swollen, red and you can also catch infections such as chlamydia if you try this. In the worst cases, you might even end up blind. Please don’t try this.